Interview WIth Ms. Hummel by: Sydney, and Eve.
We did this because we help out with her kids during Band and Orchestra. We love to help out and we wanted to learn more about these kids and what we can do to help. These kids have Autism so it is a little hard for them to learn new things. We help them learn new things and we want to inform the school about what you can do to help out. Working with them is a lot of fun and these kids need a lot of help but they do learn new things just like us. These kids are challenged at times but they work just like us and they are human beings just like us.

Interview with Chris

By: Abby, Zoe, and Hope

We did this interview because we knew Chris had good character. We see him alot and he is really nice. He alwways gives us high-fives in the hall and plays around with us. He is funny and cool and he is a hard worker.He does alot to make our school squeeky clean. Everyone should be thankful to have a custodion as great as him. That is why we chose Chris.