Responsibility: Responsibility is taking care of yourself, doing what you need to do, and being prepared. If you desk is messy take responsibility and clean it so you can find what you need. If you’re tired go to sleep or be prepared pack your bag the night before. It’s your job not someone else’s. It’s also taking care of our world. Responsibility isn’t just school wise, it’s everything in general. Responsibility can happen to anyone anywhere.
What does kindness mean to you? Does it mean helping a friend, playing with someone, or just smiling at someone who looks like there having a bad day? Then you’re right, you should always be kind to everyone you see. Just a little smile can make someone’s day. If someone is in need of help, you should help them. It’s the kind thing to do, and the cool thing to do.

Respect is very important. Respect means a lot of things. To start, you must realize how important friends, family, and elders are, and how they take care of you. They take time out of their lives to watch over us. In return you must give them equal respect.

Another meaning is treating someone the way you want to be treated. Treating someone the way you want to be treated is respect. That concludes our meanings of respect.

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Think about how you can…………………….

  • Respect your friends
  • Respect your family
  • Respect yourself

Make a plan and think about how you can respect others, and follow the plan! Thanks for reading!
All touch stones:
We think that the touch stones at West Maple are very important. We think this because without them people at West Maple will need to be kind ,respectful ,honest and responsible. A couple reasons you should follow the touch stones are the school would be more safe with some of these touch stones. Our school would be way better with rules! The kids at west maple should always fallow the touch stones because, you should be a good example for the younger kids. For example the younger kids here would use excuses for all the bad behavior they see. That’s way we think the touch stones are important.